Disrupting a 10 Trillion Rupees Industry

CtrlT  came into existence mainly to solve some of the primitive and rooted problems in logistics industry using technology and improve its overall efficiency. With right technology and vision, the industry can surmount all difficult problems it is facing today.


The biggest advantage of CtrlT over other regular software companies is that, as a solution provider, we have been in the logistics industry since 4 years not just providing software, but also procuring trucks, maintaining them and providing services to Companies of different backgrounds for more than 32,000 orders. Also, the founders of CtrlT had initially started as a Truck Company with 5 trucks a decade ago and eventually increasing their fleet size upto 50 trucks which are operated all around the country.


So, most of the features we are offering in CtrlT are formulated after understanding the actual problems our clients face in the day to day operations of their logistics department, transporters and truck companies. Hence with the right match of Technology team and Industrial Experience, we designed a smart and efficient Management Platform to automate and digitalise all the operations involving Logistics and Transportation for every stakeholder in the Industry.

Technological Know How

Our Tech team with a prior experience of designing an End to end Management software for a leading Vijayawada based road transportation company with fleet of 350 vehicles, they provide a lot of past insights while building a such a huge Comprehensive Platform connecting all the stakeholders of Logistics Industry

Past Record in Logistics

The founders of CtrlT had been in the Logistics Industry since 10 years, entering it as Fleet Owners managing upto 50 trucks at one point. With that experience, most of our solutions in IoT, AI and Big Data Analysis are all centered around the main goal of solving the major issues plaguing the industry.

Domain Expertise

With an experience of initially working as a Transporter to about 25 Manufacturing companies in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the founders of CtrlT managed upto 32,000 orders by hiring trucks from the market. With this vast experience, CtrlT was built to solve all the problems plaguing both sides of the coin.

Chief Executive Officer
Chetan S Krishna

After graduating in New York and working in a Silicon Valley startup for 3 years, Chetan headed back to India and founded his own Logistics based startup, CtrlT. By acquiring the skill set from the best of both worlds, he is now heading the Key Management Operations and Sales of CtrlT.

Chief Technical Officer
Rajeev K Krishna

Being a serial enterprenuer since 9 years, Rajeev has a knack of finding simple solutions to complex problems. His invaluable experience of designing large IoT and Logistics based software projects makes it even more easier for him to realise the huge scale and vision of what CtrlT is trying to achieve.

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