Transporters & Brokers

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Transportation Management Platform (TMP) is an AI powered cloud based solution which caters to all kinds of transportation providers from Commission Agents, Transporter Companies, Brokers and Truck Owners.


The smart and modular interface of TMP simplifies daily operations of a large Transporter managing hundreds of orders per day or even an individual Commission agent handling a few trucks per week.


TMP developed specialised features like Booking Module to enable companies to improve the efficiency of their Booking Staff and tracking them even on the go. The Documents module, e-POD upload and Accounts management portal brings all operations under One Umbrella.

Wider Reach

Notifies numerous Transporters and Customers about quotes and deliveries without any tedious phone calls or e-mails.

Booking Module

Manage hundreds of transport enquiries daily by automatic allocations to your staff & track their calls & rate negotiations

Route/ Load Planning

Smart Planner Feature helps in optimising the best route for multiple loads to various points in a single consignment.

Real Time Tracking

With real time updates, always know your shipments location with no more guesswork or daily checkup calls

Connecting New Clients

CtrlT introduces all new Companies entering into our platform hence providing new business oppurtunities to grasp.

Get Paid Faster

Option of POD soft copy uploading through CtrlT, accelerates the Invoice processing from Shipper side.

Market Rate Matching

Using AI-powered algorithms, CtrlT predicts the right market price for a truck and enables better freight negotiations.

Payments Portal

All accounting under one roof to manage both Bill payments to your Vendors and Invoice realisation from Customers.