Consigners & Shippers

To Turn Chaos Into Order

Logistics Management Platform (LMP) is an AI powered cloud-based solution designed to digitalize and automate day to day logistic activities in your supply chain.


It provides an end to end solution which automates key business processes such as freight negotiation, vehicle procurement, post-arrival management, dispatch planning, vehicle tracking, invoice management, and audit records, etc.


With dynamic real time Dashboards and MIS Reports, the Logistics department will be equipped to take quick and informed decisions which improves the overall effeciency of the supply chain and also promotes Transparency.

All Data in One Place

One platform means everyone in the Supply Chain has instant access to the right information avoiding countless e-mails.

Spot Bidding

AI powered Reverse Auction Engine aided by a Smart Quote Negotition with Transporters, to procure daily trucks on the spot

Multiple Branches

Can manage Multiple Branches, Consignees and Users in a single order on the same screen providing uparalelled visibility

Get More Done Faster

CtrlT enables 24/7 access to all Departments of Shipper with their Transporter, Driver and Destination points.

Automatic Notification

Every major event notified to all stakeholders via Automatic System generated SMS, e-Mail & App Notifications

On-Road Tracking

Plan the delivery schedules ahead of time using Advanced Tracking Technology of goods with no special devices.

Daily Work Simplified

CtrlT makes everyday Logistics operations very efficient aiding to process large number of dispatches in limited time.

E-pod and Documents

Option to upload Truck pictures, Load photos, Vital documents before dispatch and POD after delivery for any future use.

Real Time Presence

Track and manage all Supply Chain operations in real time using Live dashboards, Smart reports and Data analytics.

Improves Network

CtrlT introduces all new transporters entering into our platform enabling a wider pool of options to choose from.

Auction Module

Seperate Bidding engine to arrange Auctions among Transporters for a fixed time period under Contract basis.

Transporter Ledgers

Maintenance of all ledgers & balance sheets of transporters in CtrlT platform to predict and notify payments that are due.