Why Fleet Management Should Take The ‘SaaS’y Route

Why Fleet Management Should Take The ‘SaaS’y Route

In today’s hyper-competitive market, successful and profitable transportation businesses are based on technology. From In-Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking Tools to Automation & IoT, technology plays a crucial role and helps fleet managers reach goals throughout their organization. Cloud-based tools drive the change towards new and improved fleet management prospects as technology deepens into business operations.


Reasons Why Cloud-Based Tech Is Mission-Critical For Fleet Managers


  • Rapid growth possibility in the Fleet and automobile industry
  • Tough competition to obtain prime market proportions
  • The main focus would be on cost reduction and resource usage.

According to PwC reporting, from 2017 to 2025 Tech investment aims to increase the average annual rate by more than six percent.


Ways Introducing Cloud-Based Fleet Management


 1. Tracking goes to the next level


The proverb “knowledge is power” is very true when it comes to fleet management. Today fleet operators can improve fleet tracking using a blend of digital tools. Cloud connectivity helps GPS trackers to become more efficient and accurate. The latest live fleet tracking features, enable end-to-end fleet movement taking visibility to the next level with connected technology and software. Despite the varying network connectivity, fleet owners can manage in real-time with their fleet’s locations, ETA, and laser-sharp accuracy.


 2. Infrastructure challenges solved


Investing, finance, and constantly updating IT infrastructure is a challenge for almost every business in every industry. By pressing the power of cloud technology, carriers can run their business operations without getting caught up with IT demands. Cloud-based technology provides a way for fleet operators to reduce costs, saving both time and space requirements. And all of this on a single screen. This means from a single interactive dashboard, operators can control their entire fleet and all of their drivers while moving on the field.


3. The tech that scales when you scale


If you use a cloud-based system the growth trajectory of your transportation company will not be hindered by technical limitations.  Even if you can compare your current technology to your current size and scale, it is easy to grow with the flexibility that cloud-based tools offer.


 4. Take special care to reduce risk


Transportation companies face dangerous barriers from changing and demanding environments to a greater focus on cybersecurity. Cloud-based technology provides a solution that can help businesses solve this problem, even if they do not have the technical talent at home to help alleviate these challenges with vast awareness, reporting implementations, and in-depth record-keeping tools.


 5. Better customer relationships


While going to the cloud, makes it easy to connect mission-critical systems and get rid of duplication. Cloud-based technologies are most beneficial while combining with Customer Relationship Management. Beyond the normal connection with your accounting and tracking systems, in-depth, cloud-based CRM integration makes your sales easier with customer service representatives establishing and tracking customer journey funnels.


 6. Data protection & business continuity


Natural disasters, service disruptions, and other unexpected events are life facts for any business. If there is an attack on the Cloud-based SaaS system, the data automatically reflects and confirms if your daily business can proceed or not, hence protecting the vast information you have gathered for many years.